Science for the generations of tomorrow

What we do

Dutch universities are unique because of the intertwining of research, education and innovation. They train much-needed talents of the highest quality; the generations of tomorrow. Even now, our scientists are already translating outcomes of pioneering research into answers to major and topical societal issues, for example in the fields of sustainability, AI, safety, data science, education, nitrogen, food security, legal security and health. Students are trained with investigative and entrepreneurial skills in old and new fields. The universities do this from solid connections with each other, with the region and with the social partners around them. Through international cooperation and by attracting international talent, Dutch universities are among the world's best and can provide the knowledge that takes our country forward. From that mission, universities can and want to play a key role in these times of major transitions in the areas of energy, digitalisation, wealth distribution and geopolitical relations.

Waarde van Wetenschap

Waarde van wetenschap - voor de generaties van morgen (UNL).pdf