What are your


on Recognition & Rewards?

What are your thoughts on Recognition & Rewards?

‘Research is teamwork’

“Before working as a policy officer, I worked as a researcher at a university medical centre. I experienced how hard it can be to meet all the criteria in the current system. I often wondered to what extent do these criteria lead to a better quality of life for our patients? There is a lot that can be improved. Research is teamwork and we should recognise the contributions of all team members.”

Jacqueline Kruse, senior policy officer Research at Leiden University

‘Wide support’

“I’m optimistic there will be a culture change at universities. There’s so much support for the transition of the recognition and rewards systems. At our university, we spend a lot of time on educational innovation. We’ve therefore decided that this will also count during the assessments. After the first year, we’ll evaluate our criteria. We must assess high-quality teaching in an honest way.”

Jan van der Veen, associate professor and chair of the Centre for Engineering Education at the University of Twente

‘Better results’

“In my opinion, a new recognition and rewards system is essential to improve the way we do science. I’m particularly pleased that the proposed changes will foster open science. I think this will make research ‘cheaper and faster’ and ensure a more immediate societal impact – in short, it will lead to better results.”

Egon Willighagen, assistant professor at Maastricht University

‘Uncertain times’

“The way academics are assessed now is far from ideal. It’s unfair that it’s easier to score well in some disciplines than in others. And it’s strange that most researchers spend more time teaching, but are rewarded for their research. Since the position paper and conference are also backed by research financiers, something may really change. The question now is what young researchers should focus on.”

Lucille Mattijssen, PhD candidate at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and president of the Promovendi Netwerk Nederland & Nicolien van Vliet, PhD candidate at Leiden University Medical Centre and board member of the Promovendi Netwerk Nederland

‘Recognise individual talent’

“This is a first step to cherish the individual talents of academics, whether that is research, education, leadership, or other important skills. Right now, every academic career is measured by the same criteria: how many papers did you publish and what is the impact factor of these publications? Now we can work towards a situation in which individual talents are recognised and harbored.”

Menno Schoonheim, assistant professor at Amsterdam University Medical Centre

‘Change through collaboration’

“Our network would love to help make these plans a reality. For example, by being part of the discussions on how to implement new systems at different universities. I really hope something will change soon. If we continue cooperating, it can happen. It’s very positive that the position paper mentions a specific timeline and that so many parties came together to support it.”

Ilja Boor, co-president at ComeniusNetwerk, a platform for certified educational innovators

Recognition & Rewards

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