VSNU - EUA Conference on Recognition & Rewards

On 15 November 2019, researchers, policy officers and board members of universities, university medical centres, research institutes and research funders gathered in the Maassilo in Rotterdam for the VSNU - EUA Conference on Recognition & Rewards to present and discuss the transition towards a new system of recognising and rewarding academics.

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VSNU - EUA Conference on Recognition & Rewards: the Aftermovie

Change and momentum

“The discussion on recognition and rewards is a very timely one, now that the European higher education, research and innovation landscape is rapidly changing. We see enormous momentum in open access. We see that the digital transformation is impacting the way learning and teaching is being done all across Europe. These developments press us to review how we incentivise and reward researchers. That’s why we asked our members and other universities in Europe about the current state of play. Interestingly, we noticed that universities perceive themselves as quite autonomous when it comes to developing and implementing research assessment approaches. However, upon further inquiry, all universities said that research funders and governments are their partners in developing these new approaches. This shows why it is essential to include government and research funders: a dialogue between all parties is needed to establish real change.”

Bregt Saenen, Policy and Project Officer at the European University Association

Recognition & Rewards

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