Internationalization Vision


In the Internationalization Vision the research universities present four aspirations.

The first aspiration is to equip Dutch students with the relevant, broadly applicable knowledge and international skills that they will need to practice their future professions in the Netherlands and beyond.

A second aspiration is to boost the contribution made by international students and staff to the Dutch knowledge economy. Talented graduates need to play a greater role in the Dutch labour market (‘Make it in the Netherlands’). The rapidly expanding alumni network abroad should be given an important ambassadorial function, both for trade relations between Dutch industry and its business partners and for Dutch international relations.

The third aspiration is to achieve greater synergy between branding the Netherlands as a knowledge economy and branding the Netherlands as a nation brand (Holland branding). This will entail a particular focus on exploring and mobilizing our unique selling points. Individual research universities and universities of applied sciences can then present their own particular profiles based on this shared message. A generic scholarship programme – The Holland Scholarship - will be part of this initiative.

The broadening and deepening of strategic cooperation is the fourth aspiration. Investing in participation in global knowledge networks is an essential part of research and its application. Consolidating networks will also facilitate the physical mobility of staff and students.