Petra Pieck

Petra Pieck (b. 1973) is key figures policy officer for university students, faculties and staff. You can contact Petra with queries about the distribution of Bachelor programmes, the performance of science programmes, labour market prospects for Master’s alumni, and the average age of academic staff.


Before starting work at the Universiteiten van Nederland, Petra worked as a lecturer and researcher at Utrecht University and as a teaching evaluation officer at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Petra studied philosophy and history of education in Utrecht, lecturing principally on statistics and other methodology subjects. And so, despite her qualitative educational background, she nevertheless ended up working with figures.

Petra has the following to say about her work at the Universiteiten van Nederland: ‘What makes my work interesting is the fact that I work with figures that represent a particular context. Numbers mean students, programmes, staff members; they can be higher or lower than abroad, more or fewer than last year, and many other things. By transforming these numbers and placing them in context, I’m able to gain insight into the university business. I then try to communicate this information to others as effectively as possible.’

Petra Pieck
Petra Pieck
Policy Advisor

Phone: 06 27 01 40 23