Nico Kloet

Nico Kloet is responsible for business operations and ICT at the Universiteiten van Nederland agency. All facility management matters of the Universiteiten van Nederland fall under his management. He maintains contacts with suppliers, and organizes the maintenance and refurbishment of the office. He also has contract management in his portfolio, manages the facility and ICT budgets, and identifies and adjusts where necessary. He organises all necessary communication equipment for colleagues and also ensures that any ICT problems are solved as quickly as possible.
Nico studied Business Administration and previously worked at the United Nations (Yugoslavia Tribunal) and Médecins Sans Frontières (Médecins Sans Frontières), at home and abroad


Nico Kloet

“A well-defined problem is already half solved.”

Nico Kloet
Operations coördinator

Phone: +(31) 613761231