Wesley Boer

Wesley Boer (1994) works at the Universiteiten van Nederland as a policy advisor. Within the domain of Governance and Accountability, he deals with issues such as integral security, the use of data, employee participation and quality agreements. He also works in the domain of Communication & Public Affairs with Universiteiten van Nederland cafés.


Wesley obtained his bachelor's degree in Public Administration from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and then his master's degree in Public Administration from the Vrije Universiteit. During his studies Wesley was, among other things, active in the board of a study association and was a member of an education committee. He also worked for two years for a Member of Parliament in the Lower House. There he occupied himself with the portfolios of higher education and science. He is currently a member of the city council of Heerhugowaard. 


Wesley Boer
Wesley Boer
Policy Advisor


Integral safety


Quality agreements

Public Affairs