Tycho Wassenaar

Tycho Wassenaar (b. 1988) is coordinator of the Universiteiten van Nederland its Teaching Agenda and secretary of the Interuniversity Committee for Teacher Training (ICL: Interuniversitaire Commissie Lerarenopleidingen). In these roles he ensures the effective coordination of activities and projects relating to teacher training programmes and teacher policy, and attends national consultations on behalf of the Universiteiten van Nederland and ICL. He also contributes to protecting the interests of and developing strategic policy for teacher training programmes at universities. As secretary of the ICL, Tycho supports and advises the committee and its chair.

Before joining the Universiteiten van Nederland, Tycho worked as an accreditation policy officer at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and as project leader orgainising a trip for administrators and board members as part of SURF’s ‘Customised Education’ programme. He previously served on the board of the Dutch National Student Association (ISO: Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg), where he was responsible for the group’s overall public affairs as well as accreditation and budgetary matters.


Tycho studied Sociology (Bachelor’s) at Utrecht University and subsequently completed a Research Master’s in Public Administration and Organisational Science. This latter is a joint programme of Utrecht University, Tilburg University, Erasmus University and VU University Amsterdam. During his studies, Tycho was actively involved in student representation initiatives and worked as a tutorial lecturer and junior researcher.

Tycho Wassenaar
Tycho Wassenaar
Coördinator UNL-Lerarenagenda en Secretaris ICL

Phone: 06 20 67 98 80