Bart Pierik

Bart Pierik is head of the International Department. He manages the team that advises the Dutch universities on international themes, of which there are many, as the universities are extremely well-known abroad. Within the Universiteiten van Nederland, partners cooperate with regard to issues such as European research budgets (the Horizon programme), exchanges (Erasmus+), student enrolment, Brexit and knowledge security. The head of the International Department consults with administrators and official networks from the universities and pursues cooperation with government bodies and stakeholders.

Pierik (1985) has years of experience in the political sector, where he served as a policy officer for members of Dutch Parliament and as a political adviser for a state secretary. He was also on a list of candidates for the European Parliament in 2019. Prior to this position, Bart spent 3.5 years working as a spokesperson and PA adviser for the Universiteiten van Nederland office.

He studied Public Policy and Cultural Studies at Maastricht University.

Bart Pierik
Bart Pierik
Director International

Phone: 06-50483017