Kim Huijpen

Kim Huijpen (b. 1982) is programme manager for the national programme on recognition and rewards of academics. The aim of this programme is to realise a fundamental change in the recognition and rewards system for academia and academics. Many academics feel there is a one-sided emphasis on research performance measured by traditional, quantifiable output indicators (e.g., number of publications, h-index and journal impact factor). We aim for assessments of academic performance, where we increasingly focus on quality, content and creativity.

As a programme manager Kim Huijpen is responsible for national coordination between all parties involved: ‘Modernising the system of recognition and rewards requires a culture change. There is a need to allow for diversity in career paths. That means that academics will be able to focus more on education, if they are a talented teacher. And get the recognition they deserve for this specific talent.’

Before becoming a programme manager, Kim Huijpen worked as a senior policy advisor at the Universiteiten van Nederland. Her responsibilities included research evaluations, open science, the PhD system and research integrity. She was project lead for the development of the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity the position paper Room for Everyone’s Talent and the Strategy Evaluation Protocol 2021 – 2027.

Before joining the Universiteiten van Nederland, Kim worked in various positions at the Delft University of Technology. As a policy officer for the Executive Board, she was involved with international university rankings and served as a secretary for the university-wide integrity programme.

Kim Huijpen
Kim Huijpen
Policy Advisor

Phone: 06 44 96 26 52