Vision and mission

The role of the VSNU
The societal task of research universities is to provide high-quality academic education and to conduct high-quality scientific research in order to build a strong knowledge society. Important scientific questions for society are studied and resolved if possible. Knowledge is created in order to encourage innovation. This is how research universities contribute to a strong society, whereby the Netherlands achieves and maintains a prominent international position.
By joining forces through VSNU, research universities show to the outside world how they fulfill their societal task, they formulate common goals for education and research, and they lobby for the conditions that are necessary to achieve these goals.

The VSNU office supports these goals by unlocking figures and data about the university sector, by providing a platform for knowledge exchange, by informing universities about the political realities in The Hague, by lobbying towards national politics and by fulfilling the role of employer. The lobby for conditions, such as less rules and more funding, is more successful when universities make their ambitions and successes visible and when they are accountable for what their choices and actions.

The VSNU implements its role by:

  • formulating joint ambitions of universities and putting these on the societal and political agenda
  • being accountable for the societal task which universities fulfil and for their use of public funds
  • lobbying for the right conditions to make education and research in the university sector even stronger.

Animation vision and mission
The junior policy advisors at VSNU visually translated the vision and mission in an animated video.  


Corporate presentation
The corporate Powerpoint presentation of the VSNU (which will be available online soon) contains more information about the VSNU and the universities in the Netherlands.

Goodmorning Professor!
Goodmorning Professor!’: This joint university agenda looks specifically at the future of university education in the Netherlands. This vision is a reflection of the discussions concerning future strategy which the research universities have recently been having with students, staff and other stakeholders. In this vision, universities anno 2025 are ‘bastions of reflection and consideration, with professors as the linchpins and knowledge bearers’.  


Last updated on 03-06-2016