University staff

The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (UNL) is the employers’ organisation for 14 member universities. As at 31 December 2021, the Dutch universities employed 63,925 staff, equivalent to 54,923 FTE in permanent or temporary employment.


Roughly speaking, two groups are distinguished in the staffing: Scientific Personnel (WP) and Educational Support Personnel (OBP). In the tables published by UNL, the Scientific Personnel is further subdivided into Professor (HL), Associate Professor (UHD), University Lecturer (UD), Lecturer (D), Researcher (O), Other WP, and PhD students.


With the exception of Maastricht University, the sector Medical Sciences does not contain any personnel data for the university medical centers, but only the numbers of employees within this sector who are employed by the university itself. For example, for Utrecht University this is the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, for the VU University and the University of Amsterdam it concerns the Faculty of Dentistry and for Erasmus University Rotterdam this is the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management.



Additional context:
In the period up to 2005, the staff at universities with medical centers was administratively transferred to these university medical centers. Insight into the sector Medical Sciences has therefore partly been lost. Between 2006 and 2011, the PhD students of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) were still included in the university personnel figures. However, because new PhD students were directly employed by the LUMC, there was a reduction in this group during this period. For Erasmus MC, PhD students in 2006 and (limited) in 2007 were still part of Erasmus University. An overview of the entire sector Medical Sciences is only possible if data from university medical centers are included. Universities of the Netherlands does not have this information.




Universities find it crucial to provide their staff with an attractive place to work. Universities offer good terms of employment, including flexible working hours, and provide staff with opportunities for personal development. See also: Universities as employers

Last updated on 27-9-2022