Student accommodation

Each year, thousands of students from the Netherlands and abroad embark on a new degree programme. A large number of Dutch students start living independently for the first time during or at the start of their studies. International students need housing as soon as they arrive in the Netherlands. As a result, accommodation is an important part of the Dutch knowledge economy.
Many students have difficulty in finding suitable accommodation. This situation is undesirable for both Dutch and international students. Municipalities, educational institutions, accommodation providers (housing associations and private investors), students and the central government have therefore agreed to find a solution for the shortage of student rooms in the 2018–2021 National Action Plan for Student Accommodation (Dutch only). The parties aim to formulate accommodation plans within three years in order to restore the balance between supply and demand in ten years' time. 
The VSNU has signed the 2018–2021 National Action Plan for Student Accommodation. It is also a member of the National Platform for Student Accommodation (Landelijk Platform Studentenhuisvesting), which discusses the monitoring of the National Action Plan for Student Accommodation 2018-2021, among other things.