Opening Academic Year 2018-2019

On Monday 3 September the universitites opened their academic year. Below you can find more information concerning the programmes of the universities: 


Tilburg University

Students want to make the most of their program and their time as a student. How do students make sure they do? How does Tilburg University cater to these needs? How can the government contribute? Share your ideas on these questions with us during the Opening of the Academic Year 2018. Click here for more information.


Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam was established 105 years ago. For more than a century we have been educating ambitious students, carrying out research that pushes the boundaries of human knowledge, and presenting solutions for pressing societal issues. Erasmus University Rotterdam owes its existence to the vision and enterprising spirit of the citizens of Rotterdam. That is why we will be celebrating our 21st lustrum with the city of Rotterdam and its inhabitants. Our festive anniversary programme will centre on the theme ‘Science Meets City: Co-creating knowledge’. Click here for more information.


Eindhoven University of Technology 

This year (2018) MomenTUm, the academic celebration of the year, is being organized for the first time. In it, the Dies Natalis, the presentation of honorary doctorates, the Academic Awards, the presentation of the Marina van Damme Grant and the Bachelor's diploma ceremonies are merged into a festive day, consisting of one major ceremony and a large party. Everyone is welcome: students and employees, but also parents, friends, relations and the people of Eindhoven. Click here for more information.



Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

This should not be too difficult, as we are living in a Connected World now, in which worldwide networks increasingly determine our economy, our culture, our relationships and our immediate surroundings. But how, we must ask, have loneliness and fake news become such major topics in a world such as this? During the Creating Bright Communities programme, we will discuss how we can coexist in harmony and build a prosperous future together. Click here for more information.


Leiden University

On Monday 3 September 2018 the academic year of Leiden University will take place at the Pieterskerk Leiden. There will be a welcome by Professor Carel Stolker, Rector Magnificus and President of the Executive Board. And opening by Professor Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, professor of International Relations and Practice of Diplomacy at Leiden University, former NATO Secretary General and former Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Dutch Cabinet, and Imane Maghrani, MSc, Education Executive at the Prince’s Trust in London and Leiden University alumna of World Politics and Global Justice. Click here for more information.


Utrecht University

On 3 September, the Start of the Academic Year will be festively celebrated in the Domkerk. The central theme: vitality of our university, its staff and its students. In addition, the rector will present the Student Awards.The vitality of the university hinges on the vitality of our students and staff. How do we foster enthusiasm in a competitive and globalising sector and in the face of tight budgets? What can we do to ensure our University continues to attract talent? Click here for more information.


Radboud University

The academic year opening ceremony is the meeting place for employees, students and friends of Radboud University. The theme of the ceremony is: curiosity. Click here for more information.


University ofn Amsterdam

All UvA students and staff are invited to attend the opening of the 2018-2019 academic year on Monday, 3 September. This year's theme is the relationship between the UvA and Amsterdam. On a cold January day in 1632 Gerardus Vossius opened the predecessor to the University of Amsterdam with his inaugural speech 'De historiae utilitate' . The day after, Caspar Barlaeus praised the city's governers in his opening speech, marking the start of long and close relationship between the UvA and Amsterdam. So, what is the state of this relationship in 2018? What do scientists and policy makers have to offer each other today? Find out during the opening on 3 September. Click here for more information.


Wageningen University & Research

Wageningen University & Research annually celebrates the Opening of the Academic Year in style. Renowned scientists, artists, writers or opinion leaders share their views on current topics related to food, health and the environment. Traditionally, also young Wageningen scientists reflect on the theme. Click here for more information.


Maastricht University

Maastricht University celebrates the opening of the academic year 2018/19 on Monday 3 September 2018. We will reflect on the responsibility of universities for sustainable development in the broadest sense. We cordially invite you to celebrate the opening with us. Sustainability means making resources last for the long run – be they the environment, funds, or people. Maastricht University wants to teach, research and practise sustainability in the broadest sense of the word. In our Sustainability Vision 2030, we have committed to taking sustainability into account in all our decision-making. Click here for more information.


Twente University

Attending the Opening of the Academic Year is a great way to start a new academic year together with our students, scientists, employees and partners. The University of Twente cordially invites you to attend its festive Opening of the Academic Year ceremony on Monday 3 September. The Opening of the Academic Year highlights our internationally competing student teams, the ceremony for the Education Awards and music. Our keynote speaker will be Ms Annemieke Nijhof, CEO of Tauw, the international engineering consultants firm. Ms Nijhof is an alumna and an ambassador of the University of Twente and was elected ‘Top Female Executive of the Year’ in 2015. The University of Twente and Tauw approach coping with societal challenges in a similar way: by combining High Tech and Human Touch. Click here for more information.



Superheroes live in a world where the impossible is possible: they can fly, have super strength and super senses. It’s all very science fiction… or is it? In fact, technology has the potential to make us into super humans, and scientists inspired by superhero fiction are making it happen. Our students are superheroes in their own way. They break world records, take on special projects benefitting society, start-up companies; all while getting a first-class education. Sounds great! Click here for more information.


University of Groningen

The official opening of the academic year 2018-2019 will take place on Monday 3 September from 4 to 5.30 p.m. The ceremony will be conducted in English. Click here for more information.