What is Open Science

Research paid for by public funds should be freely accessible worldwide. This applies to scientific publications, to other forms of scientific output (including research data) and to the way in which research is set up and carried out.

‘Open Science’ stands for the transition to a new, more open and participatory way of conducting, publishing and evaluating scholarly research. Central to this concept is the goal of increasing cooperation and transparency in all research stages.

This is achieved, among other ways, by sharing research data, publications, tools and results as early and open as possible.


Open Science has the potential to:
1. Increase the quality and efficiency of research;
By sharing, reusing and better reproducing research results (publications and data).


2. Increase the impact of science on society
By increasing the chance of breakthroughs and innovations as a result of the sharing and (smart) linking of research results (publications and data) within and outside science.


3. Increase confidence in science;
Through transparency of science, a different way of valuing and rewarding science and involving society more seriously in science.