Open Science Agreement with Elsevier

This webpage comprises relevant and current information about the services that are being conducted as part of the multi-year agreement, from May 2020 up to and including December 2024 between VSNU, NFU, NWO, VH, KNAW and Elsevier. It provides information on the progress made on the Read and Publish services as well as the joint development of new open science services for Research Intelligence and Scholarly Communication.

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Governance Structure
To oversee the collaboration and ensure proper and transparent decision making a governance structure has been agreed by the partners. This structure was initially described in Schedule 5, section 5 of the agreement and was further completed during the first Executive Board meeting (November 2020)

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Read & Publish services
This part covers reading rights to peer-reviewed content across Elsevier’s extensive portfolio of journals and supports the aim of 100% open access publishing for all members of the consortium. Dutch corresponding authors can publish an unlimited number of articles in Open Access in almost all Elsevier journals. One KPI is that 95% of Dutch articles published in Elsevier journals can be made immediately open access through this agreement. We strive to include additional titles to the deal, such as hybrid journals from Cell and Lancet (talks start after Summer 2021).  Next we will maximise the percentage of articles with a CC-BY license.

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Services for Research Intelligence and Scholarly Communication
Services and systems need to be developed to help make science more transparent, efficient, inclusive and collaborative, allowing for broadest possible audiences to have the opportunity to participate, to make use of and to contribute to the scientific process. Partners co-develop new services that help disseminate and evaluate scholarly output. To this end a number of pilot projects are conducted to meet the needs of the Dutch Research Institutions and to support the broader ambition of public engagement with science. 

These pilots are conducted according to the collaboration principles under which (meta)data of public research output can be (re)used and enriched by all public and private organizations (based on work on public Taskforce). Anyone can submit an idea for a pilot which will be worked out into a pilot proposal according framework template. Key considerations for the approval of pilots by the steering group are relevance to Open Science and adherence to the agreed collaboration principles. After approval a Statement of Work (SOW) needs to be signed by participating institutions.


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For more general information regarding the joint governance, the services and to suggest  pilots, please contact: Darco Jansen or Joep Verheggen. Suggestions to further improve the process (initiation to approval) of pilots are welcome as well. 

Darco Jansen

Manager Open Access & Open Science