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Universities relax BSA standard again this year 

The 2021-2022 academic year continues to be affected by coronavirus restrictions, with all the consequences that these entail for students. That is why the 14 universities have decided to relax the binding study advice (BSA) across the board again this year. The BSA is to be relaxed by 10-15% for every degree programme this academic year. The precise adjustment will be determined on a programme-by-programme basis. The upshot of this is that first-year students will not need to earn as many credits. Furthermore, universities will continue to be able to adjust the BSA standards for individual degree programmes if they feel that the specific circumstances of those degree programmes require this. As always, the existing standards offer scope for exceptions for individual students experiencing difficulties.

Many students are suffering from stress and other symptoms as a result of the pandemic. Relaxing the BSA could alleviate some of that stress. The universities have therefore decided that these exceptional circumstances justify an overall reduction of the BSA standards. They will also continue to make every possible effort to help students address any problems they encounter as a consequence of the coronavirus measures.


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