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Universities relieved: no extra measures in higher education

In the press conference on Friday 26 November, the Dutch government announced that it would not introduce any extra coronavirus measures in higher education. The government has followed the advice of the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) to keep education open. Pieter Duisenberg, President of UNL, was pleased with the news: ‘On-campus education is very important for the mental health of our students. We will continue to take steps to ensure that teaching is organised in a safe and responsible way.’

To ensure that teaching can continue in a safe and responsible way, the applicable rules remain in force:

  • No more than 75 students per room, except during exams.
  • The recommendation to work from home still applies: work from home, unless it is absolutely necessary to be on campus. Therefore, researchers and lecturers can continue to come to university for research and teaching that needs to take place there.
  • Everyone must wear face masks indoors when moving between rooms, there are designated walking routes, ventilation is systematically checked, and extra ventilation between lectures is advised where possible.
  • As Universities in the Netherlands, we strongly advise students to observe the basic rules and test themselves twice a week using the self-test kits. Self-test kits can be ordered here.


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