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Publication of a collection of articles on plagiarism in research and education

On Tuesday, 26 January 2021, the VSNU organised a theme afternoon on plagiarism in education and research. More than 250 people attended, including members of the research integrity committees and university examination and appeals boards, policy staff, academics and students. To ensure that the impact of the theme afternoon would not be lost and also that plagiarism would continue to be a subject of discussion, the speakers and other authors then compiled a collection of articles on plagiarism in research and education under the leadership of Prof. Jonathan Soeharno and Prof. Keimpe Algra.


The collection above covers a number of plagiarism-related subjects and perspectives. For example, the consideration of plagiarism against the background of academic integrity, copyright and historical perspectives. The collection shows that different views are possible on different aspects of plagiarism, but also that consensus exists on the importance - for the academic community - of combating plagiarism, on the different degrees of plagiarism and on the uncertainty of sanctions. The complexity of the concept of plagiarism means that care and ongoing discussion are necessary. The idea is for this collection of articles to contribute to both of the above.


The collection can be found here (in dutch). 


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