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Universities of the Netherlands present Student Cabinet

Not a coalition agreement for four years, but a plan for the long term, based on science. The universities of the Netherlands present - just after the elections and in the middle of the formation - an alternative coalition agreement. Fourteen students form the first Dutch Student Cabinet, each representing an own ministerial post with a suitable plan for the future of the Netherlands.

"Not all issues can be solved within four years. What will our country, and the world, look like in 30 years? Or in 50 years? What choices must we make now to ensure that we can still live healthily, contentedly and sustainably in the future? The Student Cabinet is going to help us do that. Thus, Timon Metz, master student at the University of Twente and the first Prime Minister of the Dutch Student Cabinet.

Plans based on science
In the coalition agreement entitled 'Ready for the Future', which is published today, the student ministers present sustainable plans for the future. They give their vision on social themes in which innovation, technology, science and universities play a crucial role. Not based on politics that is guided by daily agendas or the favour of voters, but based on thorough research and science.

New ministerial posts
The ministerial posts show that the alternative cabinet is looking to the future with fresh eyes. For example, the students are introducing a Minister of Data & Privacy, Healthy Living, Innovation, the New Data Work, Inclusive, Sustainable Economy and LOVE (Agriculture, Environment, Food and Energy).

Read the full coalition agreement here and visit for the policy plans of the 14 Student Ministers. 


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