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National school-leaving examinations to go ahead, additional fail mark allowed

We are pleased to hear that the national school-leaving examinations will go ahead as planned and that the secondary-school students who have to sit them under these difficult circumstances will be given a little more breathing space. By way of an exception, secondary-school students who have been put at a disadvantage because of the coronavirus will be allowed to pass their examinations with one additional fail mark. This should make up for any delays caused by the coronavirus measures. The further education sector, united in the Netherlands Association of Senior Secondary Vocational Schools, the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences and the Association of Universities in the Netherlands, is satisfied that the next batch of students will be able to start their further education fully qualified, after a well-deserved holiday, despite the pandemic.

Minister Slob’s decision on the examinations finally gives secondary-school students some clarity on the matter. The fact that additional funds are being made available to help students catch up gives us the confidence that they will be able to prepare themselves properly for the national examinations. A plan is being drawn up in conjunction with the secondary-education sector to enable tutoring for students in the run-up to the examinations. The knowledge that they will be able to pass their school-leaving examinations before the summer with an additional fail mark if they need it can offer students the necessary extra breathing space and thus the prospect of further education in these uncertain times.


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