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Staff data 2019 available

As of today, the new (WOPI) databases with information about the staff of the 14 Dutch universities are available online. The VSNU annually requests these data on academic staff (WOPI: Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs Personeel Informatie) from the 14 universities, in accordance with established definition agreements. Among other things, the new figures show academic staff numbers at the universities, breaking these down by age, gender, position and salary scale.
For each calendar year, the data files reflect the university staffing details as at 31 December. The file has tables based on individual employees and on FTEs. The personnel files only contain data of anyone included in the personnel records of the Dutch universities. Since almost all university hospitals have transferred faculty staff to the related medical centres as employers over the years, the data on this group do not appear in the dataset.
This year, a new download file has been created, in which data are available in pivot tables for interested parties. Feel free to download the files via the download page on our website. This year, the definitions for the WOPI data collection have also been laid down at Edustandaard.


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