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Consultation on Guiding Principles on Management of Research Information and Data

Established in February 2020, the Dutch taskforce on Responsible Management of Research Information and Data aims to establish terms and conditions under which metadata related to publicly funded research can be (re)used and enriched by public and private organisations.

Significant progress has been made and one specific aspect of the taskforce - to provide advice for the sector's negotiation with Elsevier - has been completed.

Beyond this specific advice, the taskforce has set out guiding principles for collaboration between Dutch research institutions and third-party organisations in developing new services based on the use of this metadata. 

For further development of the guiding principles the taskforce now seeks consultation on two questions:

  1. Do the principles offer clear and effective guidance for Dutch research institutions?
  2. Are there any significant aspects missing within the principles?

Respondents to this consultation can use this survey. The deadline for input has been extended to Wednesday June 17, 2020.

Those who participate in this consultation give consent to have their response to the consultation shared for analysis purposes only. All responses will be restricted to members of the taskforce. In the report all feedback will be anonymised.

Any questions? You can contact Darco Jansen through e-mail.


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