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Together against COVID-19: Launch of co-creation platform ResilientSociety


The ResilientSociety website is a co-creation platform for the scientists of the Dutch universities, national and regional government bodies, businesses, as well as many more public and private partners. This platform aims to share knowledge and connect professionals from government bodies, science, businesses and industries worldwide to arrive at practical solutions and mitigate the global crisis.

Why a co-creation platform?
To combat the COVID-19 crisis, it is vital to gain insight into Dutch bottlenecks, as well as to apply results from research and innovation quickly where they are needed the most. Gathering and organising the expertise and the capacities available at businesses, government bodies, universities, start-ups, investors and many others will enable this platform to tackle the most urgent bottlenecks through co-creation. This way, the platform will ensure that researchers and entrepreneurs who are working on solutions to COVID-19 problems can be linked quickly and effectively to expertise, capacities and financing, which will accelerate the impact of their projects.

How does the ResilientSociety platform work?

  • Partners may suggest urgent bottlenecks and problems related to COVID-19 on the platform.
  • A review panel will communicate these problems to the platform's participants. The most suitable co-creation team will subsequently be composed from members of the various partner organisations.
  • The partners in question will then set to work on finding a solution to the concrete problem in co-creation sessions.
  • As soon as a solution has been found, it will be shared globally via open source or as a new business. The purpose is to make the knowledge available for everyone to use and to accelerate the impact of the new products and services.

Did you know...

  •  ... that students from several universities are busy gathering and analysing the projects?
  • ... that 100 businesses, government bodies and other organisations have also become a partner, in addition to the affiliated universities and the VSNU?


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