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SSH & COVID-19: The expert portal for Dutch social sciences and humanities

This website is an initiative of the SSH beraad (social sciences, economics, law and humanities), supported by NWO-SGW, and carried out by a team at the University of Amsterdam.

Why a national Social Science and Humanities & COVID-19 portal?

The COVID-19 pandemic has already affected the way we live, learn and work. These changes have deep short- and medium-term impact to individuals, groups and to society as a whole. Decisions and discussion on this matter – and the way these decisions are communicated – also require strong, research-based social-scientific and humanities knowledge. 

The SSH (Social Science and Humanities) domain in the Netherlands – social sciences, law, economics, and humanities – is internationally considered of an excellent level. Therefore, the SSH beraad is committed to sharing and making available knowledge and expertise as relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. It therefore supports the launch of the SSH COVID-19 portal.

What are the objectives?
The SSH COVID-19 portal aims to consolidate and organize the SSH expertise across the Dutch universities in a publicly available national portal, ensuring fast and direct access to academic experts.

What are the target audiences?

  • Members of the COVID-19 crisis teams in the broadest sense
  • Policy-makers and civil servants in the national, regional and local levels
  • Health professionals, public health promotion organizations as well as institutes in healthcare and patient organizations
  • Communication professionals involved in the crisis response
  • Journalists

Who are the experts?
The experts visible on this website were proposed by the deans of the SSH-related faculties of the Dutch Universities. The deans were asked to select experts that (1) can be considered an authority in her/his field based on a relevant research profile and academic research and (2) are available in the near future. Additional experts can be nominated by contacting the university contacts.

To visit the portal click here.


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