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Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) presents sector overview

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In view of their central role in society, universities  are expected to provide transparency and accountability. In an effort to meet this need, an overview of key data on education, research and impact, staff and finances has now been created for each individual sector and university. Following months of intensive cooperation within the sector and collaboration with external stakeholders, the sector overview is now complete and accessible to all interested parties. VSNU President Pieter Duisenberg: 'This overview sets a high bar for the university sector when it comes to transparency. It features all relevant figures, ranging from the number of assistant professors to solvency percentages, from real-world impact to labour market outlooks.'

The Association of Universities in the Netherlands previously offered access to a broad range of information through the Facts and Figures page. The sector overview takes things a step further, offering the full picture at both sectoral and university level. The overview offers users access to all data at a glance, arranged by theme. In a new feature, it also devotes ample attention to the societal impact of research projects: the groundbreaking innovations developed at each university are now visible at a glance. All information is up to date and free of charge, and can be used by any interested party within the university sector: from journalist to student, from civil servant to professor. The overview should be especially useful to institutional representative advisory bodies. The sector overview is set to be further elaborated and improved over the coming period. In addition to ensuring continually updated figures, efforts are also being made to develop new functionalities and topics.


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