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Major advance in open access with Sage

VSNU and Sage are moving significantly towards open access. In the next three years, 97% of all publications by Dutch universities will be available to a wide audience. This agreement follows a successful collaboration in 2015 and 2016, when the two parties already agreed to open access for 20% of publications.

It has been agreed that for 2017 to the end of 2019, academics working at Dutch research institutions will be able to publish with open access in 97% of collection journals. The Open University of the Netherlands will also profit from this deal. Full 100% open access is not yet possible because some societies have yet to give their permission. Right of access to previously published articles has been ensured by extending reading rights to around 100 journals.

In addition, agreements have been made regarding publication in Sage’s Gold open access journals. As with other publishers, it is common practice for articles in these journals to be freely available and not governed by contract. Finance for these titles is provided from the budgets of individual researchers. Sage offers a 20% saving for open access publishing in the 92 gold open access journals.

VSNU is negotiating subscription fees with the various academic publishers. These are the so-called Big Deal negotiations. Universities are only prepared to renew current subscription agreements if publishers take steps towards making open access available. Significant steps towards open access have been achieved through agreements with large and smaller international publishers.

Open access improves availability of academic knowledge
Dutch universities and the Dutch government strongly support open access to academic publications. Open access publications are easier to find, more frequently cited and reach a larger audience. This benefits the academic community, society and the economy at large.


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