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Save the Date: VSNU-ISO Elections Knowledge Breakfast Education and Research: invaluable

On Tuesday 9th of March, the Association of Universities in the Netherlands(VSNU) and the Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO) are jointly organising the VSNU-ISO Elections Knowledge Breakfast "Education and Research: invaluable". The Knowledge Breakfast will last from 09.00 to 10.00 hrs and can be followed from your (home) office via a livestream.

Led by moderator Jaap Jansen, MPs and representatives of the business community and civil society organisations will discuss the usefulness and necessity of investing in education and research. Why is it important to continue investing in education and research, even during a crisis? How do these investments affect all sectors in the Netherlands? How do you make these effects tangible? Are these investments properly valued? These and more questions will be answered during the Election Knowledge Breakfast.

Click here to register for the VSNU-ISO Election Knowledge Breakfast and to receive the invitation. Please be aware that Dutch will be the leading language.

We are looking forward to an inspiring morning and hope to see you there (digitally).

Pieter Duisenberg                         Dahran Çoban

Chairman VSNU                          Chairwoman ISO



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