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Universities starting the new academic year together online with the 'OAY Festival'


Our daily life has changed a lot in recent months. We are at home a lot and have been avoiding large face-to-face gatherings. Fortunately, numerous digital alternatives and aids are available. This has led the universities to join forces this year to start off the new academic year with an online OAY Festival!

The Opening of the Academic Year (OAJ: Opening van het Academisch Jaar) on Monday 31 August will be a digital festival. This will allow everyone to attend the opening of the new academic year, at home on the couch or from a sunny garden.

During the opening of the academic year (OAY) on 31 August, the universities will reflect on the impact of the coronavirus crisis. Each university will have its own programme with speakers, music and a preview of the academic year. Together, we will start the new academic year online. To do so together is important, especially in this day and age. Studying and conducting research is and will remain a collaborative undertaking. We will once again be welcoming tens of thousands of new students this year and will be using our research to contribute to addressing all societal challenges, including through research into the coronavirus and its consequences.

Are you curious about how the universities will be celebrating the start of the new academic year? Since the various opening activities are partly digital this year, you can easily take a look! The 14 Dutch universities invite you to have a look at the higher education sector on 31 August, during the opening of the academic year. In the accompanying overview, you will find where and when the various activities will be taking place, and who will be speaking at what time. We hope to see you during the Opening of the Academic Year!

There is no need to sign up. You can use #oay2020 or #oaj2020 on Twitter.

Click here or on the image to get to the interactive pdf, so you can easily click on the OAY of your choice!


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