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Fourth VSNU eZine on open access: The importance of ‘international alignment’

The goal of achieving 100% open access for scientific publications by 2020 is coming into view. That means many efforts are underway to achieve this aim. In the new ‘International alignment’ eZine on open access, you can read about what the VSNU accomplished with its partners last year and share your thoughts on various developments. International alignment is the common thread for the future: it is becoming increasingly clear that there is a need for international cooperation in terms of negotiating strategies and the conditions imposed by funders on publications. Scientific research is international and knows no boundaries. 

The eZine 'Open access - International Alignment' contains a detailed explanation of the developments within the five pillars for open access. In the context of negotiations, for instance, attention is paid to the conditions that apply when entering into contracts with publishers. Under monitoring, the main differences in publication cultures within various scientific fields are also identified. Developments for the future are discussed as part of a number of key trends that help to illustrate scenarios for the years ahead. Finally, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation shares its funder’s perspective on the developments in open access.

In addition to international alignment, alignment in the playing field of open access and open science is needed as well. For this reason, as of 1 March 2019 I have passed the baton to Darco Jansen, the new programme manager for open access and open science at the VSNU. Together with national and international stakeholders, he is committed to putting transparency in science firmly on everyone’s radar.



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