Holland Scholarship


Holland Scholarship, the key Dutch grant programme, was launched in February 2015. Every year, this grant gives 768 talented international students the chance to take a Bachelor's or Master's programme in the Netherlands. In addition, 768 Dutch students are also given the chance to spend a minimum of three months in a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA) in order to study, complete an internship or conduct research.

The aim of the Holland Scholarship is to put Dutch higher education on the map at the international level and to encourage student mobility (both incoming and outgoing). In the war for talent, it is vital to gain strong competitive advantages.

The Holland Scholarship boosts the quality of education at universities by realising an international classroom. This maintains the Netherlands' status as an attractive country in which to study.
For Dutch students, this grant makes it easier to complete an internship or a period of study abroad. Foreign experience is important for the development of international competencies, which will give the students greater opportunities on the job market following graduation. The students themselves often describe their study periods abroad as a life-changing experience.

Half of the grant's funding is provided by the Ministry of Education, with the research university concerned financing the other half. International students coming to the Netherlands receive €5,000, while Dutch students travelling abroad receive €1,250. EP-Nuffic is responsible for promoting this programme at the national level.