Function-based contracts


The 2007-2010 CLA included the option to experiment with 'function-based contracts'. This experiment has been continued and expanded upon in the current CLA. While traditional employment contracts are time-based, function-based contracts are governed by performance. This enables employees to organise and structure their work much more independently.

In the current Collective Labour Agreement, support and management staff at level 11 and above are eligible to participate in the experiment. Function-based contracts do not include time-based stipulations, no overtime is included, and accrued reduction of working hours/holiday entitlements must be used up by the end of the calendar year. They do include agreements on presence in relation to collaboration, work consultations and team performance.

Every year, the employee and supervisor examine the current situation and make agreements for the next year. These agreements take into account the scope of the appointment, holiday leave and other issues.


For more information on function-based contracts, consult the FAQs. The FAQs on function-based contracts can be found here.

Johan Huysse

Policy Adviser

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