International students in university programmes

The number of international students in Dutch research universities is steadily increasing. At the start of academic year 2021/'22, 79.826 international students were registered for a bachelor's or master's degree programme. This is 14% more than in the previous academic year. In the 2021/'22 academic year, international students will make up 23% of the total university student population.
Of the total number of international students, 73% come from the official to the European Economic Area (EEA).
In 2021/2022, 6.5% of international students came from within Europe, outside the EEA. The increase in this number is due to the fact that students orriginated from the United Kingdom, are no longer counted as EEA.
The nationality of 22% of the international students is form outer Europe.
A (very) small part of international students has an unknown nationality.



Origin of international students

Most international students come from EU countries. Germany is by far the most common country of origin among international students. The largest group of non-EU international students originates from China.



Last update on 7-2-2022