Enrolment deadline: 1st May

Prospective students who have just completed pre-university education or senior secondary vocational education and enrol before 1st May will be entitled to advice on their choice of study programme. Prospective students who enrol after 1 May are 'admissible', which means that the institution can refuse their application. The requirements and grounds upon which prospective students can be refused must be clearly established in a set of regulations issued by the institution's board. Compulsory enrolment came into force in the 2014–15 academic year. 

The enrolment deadline has been brought forward to encourage students to think about their choice of study programme sooner and more effectively. This increases the chances of academic success. The prospective students can enrol in multiple programmes before 1 May, as this will enable them to make the right choice by means of the subsequent matching process.


Why make students enrol earlier?
There are a number of reasons for bringing forward the registration deadline for students:

  • Research conducted by Researchned shows that the more thoroughly students examine their choice of study programme, the greater their chances of academic success.
  • Students are better able to prepare for their future studies and their time at university.
  • Pre-university education can play a more active role in the students' choice of study programme to make sure prospective students don't slip through the cracks with regard to the process of choosing a study programme.
  • Programmes have more time to offer matching activities and to point students towards other programmes in a timely manner if necessary.
  • Institutions are more aware of the number of new students, enabling them to coordinate their education programme to suit these numbers  (e.g. lecturers, rooms, timetables).
  • Students experience a greater bond with the programme when they are given study choice advice.


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