Application fee


In relation to (1) decentralised selection for programmes with an enrolment quota and (2) admission to small-scale, intensive and residential education, programmes can decide to ask prospective students to pay a fee for the costs of the admission procedure. The type of programmes to which this provision applies, the type of costs involved and the maximum fees can be determined by an administrative order. The representative advisory body has a right to prior consultation regarding the admission procedure and policy relating to admission fees.

The VSNU is positive about the prospect of charging a modest fee to prospective students to cover the costs of selection.

Selection fees
Selection procedures must be meticulous and reliable. After all, their results are of great importance to the students involved. This requires substantial investment from the universities in order to develop and execute effective selection procedures. The universities therefore think it is reasonable that students are asked to pay a small fee. If students were not asked to pay a fee, then the costs of the selection procedure would put too much pressure on the educational budget allocated for the programme itself. A fee can also encourage the students to take the selection and preparation for the selection seriously and discourage students from enrolling without giving it serious consideration. The universities will take financial measures to accommodate those for whom the fees constitute an obstacle to participation in the admission procedures. In contrast to the matching activities, students are not obliged to choose a study programme that uses a selection procedure, so they always have the opportunity to choose a free alternative.

The representative advisory body has a right to prior consultation with regard to the admission procedure and to policy relating to admission fees. Furthermore, the maximum fee will be determined by means of an administrative order. The current intention is to charge a fee of no more than €50-100.


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