Acceleration Plan for Innovation in Education with ICT

In late 2017, the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU), the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences (Vereniging Hogescholen, VH) and SURF presented the Acceleration Agenda for Innovation in Education. This agenda was intended to designate a new joint course to change education successfully. In the new Acceleration Plan, we describe the design of a four-year programme to achieve these objectives.


From agenda to plan: How will we achieve our objectives?
The Acceleration Agenda for Innovation in Education primarily described the objectives related to higher education, without explaining how they were to be attained. Under the direction of a steering group comprising administrators from VSNU, VH and SURF, the Acceleration Agenda has been elaborated in a Acceleration Plan for Innovation in Education with ICT. This plan describes the four-year programme for achieving the objectives.


About the Acceleration Plan
Within the four-year Acceleration Plan, research universities and universities of applied sciences will be working within eight zones on the acceleration of innovation in education with ICT:
1. Increasing lecturer facilitation and professionalism
2. Improving the connection to the job market
3. Increasing flexibility in education
4. Working towards digital open learning material
5. Using degree programme data securely and reliably
6. Employing evidence-based innovation in education with ICT
7. Collaborating with EdTech
8. Setting a joint course towards acceleration