ABP pension


You can find more information about the ABP pension via this link. This page provides an overview of social insurance contributions and the ABP regulations (amongst other things). You can also view the Pension webinar, as well as find further information about the European pension fund and temporary measures that the VSNU has taken in connection with the cap on pension accrual.


Pension cap

As of 1 January 2015, pension accrual on salaries above the €100,000 cap will no longer be tax-exempt. As a result, employees will no longer accrue pension rights on the part of their salaries that exceeds €100,000. As of 1 January 2015, employees with salaries in excess of €100,000 will therefore miss out on a proportion of their partner pension. The employers and unions on the Pensions Board are currently in consultation about a net pension within the ABP scheme, but no agreement has yet been reached. In order to cover the risk of a considerable decline in the partner pension, the VSNU has concluded a framework agreement with the insurer Loyalis for a period of one year.


European pensionfund

National borders are no restriction to talented researchers, who frequently work throughout Europe. However, this results in fragmented pension accrual. Dutch universities want to work together with their European partners to launch a European pension fund that will offer international researchers a clear and transparent pension scheme. To do this, the rules of the Dutch Collective Labour Agreement and ABP pension scheme have to be adjusted. The VSNU is consulting with various parties in order to realise these changes.