About us

In the Universiteiten van Nederland (UNL), Dutch universities work together towards a strong university sector. The 14 Dutch universities within the Universiteiten van Nederland show the outside world how they fulfil their social function, formulate shared ambitions relating to academic education and research and valorisation, and lobby for the preconditions needed to realise these ambitions.


Universiteiten van Nederland office

The Universiteiten van Nederland office identifies, prioritises and supports the association’s steering groups and Board. The Universiteiten van Nederland is also an employers’ association. The office of the Universiteiten van Nederland, located just a stone’s throw from the Binnenhof (parliament building) in The Hague, is a compact organisation with a flat structure and an informal culture, consisting of 45 driven professionals. The atmosphere is naturally filled with ambition, initiative and collegiality. The Universiteiten van Nederland works within the domains of education, research, HR, finance, governance & accountability, internationalisation and communication/public affairs. The Universiteiten van Nederland office is headed by Director Babs van den Bergh.


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