Guideline for Rectors' Conference on Ius Promovendi

On 6 June of last year, the Dutch Senate adopted a legislative proposal promoting internationalisation of higher education and research, thus approving an expansion of the right to confer doctorates (ius promovendi). This amendment will take effect on 1 September 2017.
PhD candidates are appointed a supervisor by their university doctorate board. Previously, only full professors were eligible to act as PhD supervisors. Under the amended law, any staff member who holds a doctorate and who is sufficiently competent may be appointed. 
As the Dutch universities wish to align their policy and procedures, the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) has prepared a guideline for doctorate boards. It advises that, apart from full professors, only associate professors should be appointed to act as PhD supervisors. In addition, it should be sufficiently demonstrated that the associate professor in question is both a good researcher and a good supervisor. Furthermore, a full professor in the relevant field should always be consulted before granting the right to confer a doctorate to an associate professor.
Read the English version of the guideline here.

Kim Huijpen

Policy Advisor

06 44 96 26 52