Branding en positionering

Universities set their own internationalization agenda based on their institutional profile and taking their cue from their own international strengths and aspirations. From the perspective of 'Nederland kennisland' (Netherlands, knowledge economy) and its significance for the internationalization of institutions, it is important to use joint branding to help strengthen institutional agendas. Individual universities can flesh out their own profiles based on common messages.
Joint branding could focus more on different target groups (e.g. origin, study phase, field of study, employment opportunities). Highlighting the unique selling points of the Dutch system will boost interest in individual knowledge institutions. The Netherlands is an attractive destination for people wishing:

  • to pursue all or part of a study programme, which also offers prospects of employment in the Netherlands, or in their own country on their return
  • to work at a Dutch institution as a teacher and/or researcher, in an attractive and inspiring working environment
  • to cooperate with Dutch knowledge institutions, all of which can guarantee high-quality teaching and research.


Dutch universities offer a very broad range of English-taught programmes at all levels (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhDs). As a non-English-speaking country, the Netherlands is unique in this respect. This offers ample opportunity for the recruitment of talented students, especially from emerging markets.
The Netherlands is one of the few countries to have virtually all its universities featuring consistently in international rankings. This underlines once again the broad overall quality and consistently high level of Dutch universities, especially in the area of research. Our international reputation, impact and performance in terms of research metrics also bear witness to our research strengths. We must not underestimate the significance of this when it comes to branding knowledge as an export product and to international research collaboration. It is also a major factor in our ability to attract talented people to the Netherlands in order to start or continue an academic career.


The Dutch knowledge sector has develped a Toolkit for international branding, in order to promote the Dutch educational system abroad. You can find more information about the Toolkit on this page, where it can also be downloaded.

Rianne Kouwenaar